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Safe Power Distributors Inc specializes in portable, backup and alternative power solutions for home, business and leisure that
are reliable, safe and simple to use. Whether you need to keep your sump pump running during a blackout, your laptop powered while traveling, or to find a portable power source for an industrial application, we will help you find the right solu


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We carry a full range of backup power and surge products that will switch your essential items seamlessly to backup power when the power goes quickly in fact that any items (including computers) plugged into one of these units won't even turn off.  This is an ideal backup power solution for keeping key business and home electronics running in the event of a power outage (including office equipment, appliances, sump pumps, etc.)

We take the time to understand your unique requirements and recommend the system that will best 

meet your needs as well as your budget.

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Safe Power Distributors is a energy management company founded on the principle of provide Power, Backup,Surge,Protection,solutions and energy conservation where it can subsequent impact our lives and benefit our environment. Safe Power Distributors provide the products for backup power and surge protection. We focused on real-time energy power consumption monitoring and verification to assist our customers to make them more aware of how their facilities consumption of energy. We then device a solution that best Power fit their need  and budget. We work to minimize customer rsquo;s energy costs while maximizing reliability. Mutual interest in energy conservation systems, services, and the desire to deliver engineered solutions to the customer led to the development of our comprehensive integrated energy services program.

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Emergency Power Systems wire directly into the electrical panel in your home or office to supply emergency power directly to the plugs, light sockets, or appliances that you designate.  These units can also act as a hub for a renewable energy system with solar and/or wind power when installed or solar/wind power can be added at any time. The range of backup power systems available can be viewed below.


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